About Me

Hello, bonjour, or whatever you prefer, my name is Anru, and welcome to my first blog.

First off, I won’t be explaining much about myself because it is just unnecessary, and I’d like to keep my identity as something private. But I can tell you that I am currently just a student trying my best to survive high school.

I will be using this platform to share my memories and experiences that either my phone storage won’t allow, or that I will forget in the near future. I’d like to think of this as something of a memory log, or a time capsule.

My hobbies include baking, playing tennis, reading, and just nerdy stuff in general. I like to think of myself as someone who is fascinated by the world around her. Whether that be in nature or in literature, I tend to enjoy spending my free time aimlessly pondering and analyzing them.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up some parts of me, but as for now feel free to explore my blog!




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